10 Signs Your Home Needs A New Roof

A roof is the part of your home that receives the most damage yet is the most crucial aspect of a house. It protects the home and its inhabitants from being exposed to the elements. Sometimes your roof can sustain damage or just get worn with time. Performing a roof inspection will help you minimize risks and repair costs. A roof inspection report can also help determine if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired.

Getting ahead of a roof issue is better than risking property damage or even potential injury. Regular maintenance and following the standard roof inspection checklist can help you foresee an upcoming replacement or repairs and plan accordingly. Maintaining your home periodically ensures your home stays in its best condition, and you can garner a higher resale value in the future.

Here are 10 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof.

Your Roof Inspection Recommends a New Roof

A home inspector might find issues with your roof during their roof inspection. They might suggest repairs if the faults are minor, but in cases of serious underlying problems, a roof replacement might be more cost-effective than the cost of repeatedly repairing these issues.

You See Water Damage/ Leaks

A leaking roof is a tell-tale sign that your roof requires repairs or a complete replacement. If a leak is not dealt with immediately, it can snowball into a more significant issue that has the potential to cause damage to you and your property. It is best to sign up for a roof inspection when you discover water damage in your attic or leaks.

Sagging Roof or Ceilings

A sag in the ceiling or roof is indicative of a leak that has caused rotting in the roof. This usually means that a leak has gone unnoticed and has caused structural damage to your roof and ceiling, due to which a roof replacement is almost inevitable.

Shingles are getting Curled

Shingles start curling on the edges when they begin wearing out. Harsh weather conditions also play a vital role in curling your shingles. This creates poor attachment points with the roof, and windy conditions can tear off the shingles, leading to potential leaks in your roof.

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Missing Parts of Your Roof

Like the shingles, any missing elements from a roof can lead to a more significant issue if left unchecked. Missing granules, flashing, or gutter guards can lower the structural integrity of your roof to a point where replacing is the only viable option.

Improperly Installed Roof

A roof that does not have sound structural integrity will create more issues. Poor craftsmanship from an unprofessional roof installation can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof, leading to leaks and even potential damage to the rest of your property. Structurally unsound roofs need to be replaced immediately.

Your Roof is Old

A roof can only last for so long. Getting your roof replaced every 20 years is recommended as a rule of thumb. If you have moved into a new home, check for previous inspection records to determine your roof’s age. The roof’s lifespan is based on the materials used and your location.

High Energy Consumption for Cooling

In places like Florida, cooling a home is necessary. However, if your roof has leaks and uses lower quality tiles, your home will be warmer, resulting in more cooling requirements. This adds up to a significantly larger cooling bill.

There’s Visible Moss

Like moss, mold, and fungi on your shingles, growth can be major roof-killers. These trap moisture and cause sagging or eventual structural damage to the roof. Keeping moss in check is crucial, but it is wiser to get your roof replaced if it is covered with moss as it is evidence of potential damage to the roof.


Damage due to Weather

Strong winds can rip shingles off of your roof during a storm. This leaves the roof vulnerable to leakages and further damage. Similarly, a hailstorm can cause dents or cracks in the shingles, creating an entry point for moisture to seep in. These are minor repairs, but if the damage is large scale or if this minor damage is left unchecked, you will end up having to replace the entire roof due to these issues snowballing into a big one.


Taking charge of a roof while the issues with your roof are still manageable can help you prevent the enormous cost of replacing an entire roofing system. However, inspecting your roof is not ideal because of the risks involved, and the lack of trained eyes while assessing a roof can be a potential point of failure. Hiring a professional home inspector to assess and evaluate your roof is worthwhile because the roof inspection cost is far lower than the cost of replacing a roof or performing repeated repairs. 

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