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Do We Need Professional Roof Inspection Services?

Maintaining good health is easy when you schedule regular doctor visits. The same goes for your roof! Roof inspections can be viewed as a health checkup for your home’s roof inspection. You can extend the life of your roof by making sure it gets the necessary care.

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, roof inspections should be conducted two times per year, following the coldest and hottest weather. A thorough roof inspection is always wise after any significant weather event.

However, if you try inspecting your roof by yourself, you might miss a lot of warning signs, not to mention put yourself in danger. Fortunately, there are professionals who can do the job for you. So, do we need professional roof inspection services? Let’s take a closer look.

Professionals Can Detect Hidden Damages

Unless you use a ladder to reach your roof, you won’t be able to observe much of the damage caused by storms. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Even if you search for “What should I do if I have a leaking roof?” it might not be enough. Hiring a professional to examine your roof after a storm ensures that it gets inspected by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Hiring a Pro Keeps You Safe

With little or no expertise in roofing systems, roof inspections can be dangerous. A life-threatening fall can result from treading on soft patches or loose roofing tiles. On the other hand, skilled roofers will use their knowledge and experience to identify potentially hazardous areas and prevent accidents. This includes using safety equipment to keep the roofing material from becoming damaged.

They Make It Easier to File a Claim with Your Insurance Company

Storms, severe gusts, and hurricanes can wreak havoc on even the most robust roofing material. It may be difficult to pursue an insurance claim on certain occasions because of the time it takes for the damage to be discovered. An inspection by an expert right after an extreme weather event will help you detect damage and file a compensation claim.

As part of their report, the inspector will document the level of damage and expected repair costs. A homeowner will be able to use this declaration to substantiate an insurance claim and provide the necessary evidence.

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You Get More for Your Money With Professional Roof Inspections

Many homeowners put off getting their roofs inspected and maintained regularly to save money. Some people choose to check and fix the damage to their roof on their own rather than hire a professional. Although this strategy can cut costs in the short term, the expenses of repairing secondary damage will eventually outweigh the savings. Hiring a professional roof inspection, on the other hand, can help you handle minor roof problems better. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your roof and prevent it from needing to be replaced prematurely.

The Bottom Line

Regular roof inspections are essential to making your roof last a long time. The time and money you save by working with a professional roofing contractor are well worth the investment. Schedule a professional roof inspection from Home Inspection Group today!


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