how much does a home inspection cost

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost and Why? Get the Most Helpful Answers

A home inspection is a fundamental activity for anyone willing to either buy or sell a home.It is a comprehensive, visual inspection of your potential home with a long list of very well documented benefits. Besides, home inspections near you are a smart way to ensure you’re aware of the potential problems that could arise during a deal. Now, to answer the most important question, “How much does a home inspection cost?” we will have to look into several factors.

The home inspection cost fluctuates a great deal depending on your geographical location. The cost increases with the size and amenities of a home. Generally, a Gainesville Fl home inspector would charge you according to the amount of square footage. Of course, there could be add-on expenses, depending on their fee structure.

Determinants of How Much is A Home Inspection Costs

To understand how a home inspection cost calculator functions, let’s take a closer look at the primary factors that determine the overall costs.

The Extent of the Inspection

Typically, you can expect to spend anything between $300-$500 as home inspection cost. But you must keep in mind that inspectors tend to offer a base price. That latter may be misleading if you have never worked with a home inspector before. The said base price is essentially a starting point and it almost always includes key variables. Examples of such variables include:

– State of the current real estate market.
– The number of inspectors in your area and their schedule.
– The need for additional services like radon testing and mold inspections.

That is why it’s most helpful to have a conversation before the actual inspection to discuss the home’s size, the home’s age, and other key factors.

Hidden and Additional Structures

The quote you initially receive to understand how much is a home inspection,

will be reasonably accurate. That is because the initial quote is based on the anticipated scope of work. However, as hinted above, how much a home inspection costs can depend on several additional home attributes.

Examples of such freestanding structures are listed below.

– Workshop
– Septic system
– Oil tank
– Detached garage
– Swimming pool

So, it is wiser to be upfront in regards to any attributes that are not attached to the home itself but that might need a professional inspection nevertheless.

What to Look for in A Home Inspection?

Ideally, there are about 12 areas that a professional must inspect during a home inspection. These include:

  • The attic, including any visible insulation
  • Structural components
  • Central air conditioning
  • Heating system
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Basement
  • The foundation
  • Windows and doors
  • The roof
  • Interior plumbing and electrical systems

If you seek more information about what to look for in a home inspection, we also have an elaborate checklist ( for you to refer to.

Please remember that home inspections are non-invasive. That means your inspector should not damage the walls, fixtures, roofing, or any other structure of your home. In certain cases where you may have termites or asbestos, more invasive examinations will be required with the homeowner’s consent.

Homes inspections are well worth the cost. They give you leverage to ask the seller to cover more fixes. Also, they help you set your budget. To sum it up, getting a quality home inspection is one of the smartest investments you can make in your new home.