Tips to Have a Smooth Gainesville Home Inspection Before Selling

In most real estate deals, the final step before the sale is a home inspection. Most buyers prefer to make the closing contingent on the home inspection results. This makes the process crucial for both buyers and sellers.

By taking the help of Gainesville home inspection companies, homebuyers can save an average of $14,000. That’s because the inspectors often identify issues that sellers do not disclose. This allows the buyers to negotiate better or let the seller pay for the repairs.

The buyer can also back out if the home inspector gives a bad report. Therefore, both buyers and sellers need to have a reliable home inspection. If you want to know more about home inspection and find out some tips to get an assessment without any hitches, continue reading this blog. 

Defining home inspection

Companies offering home inspection in Gainesville FL, provide buyers/sellers with a detailed report of the home they are willing to purchase. A licensed home inspector examines every part of the home that is accessible and makes a note of its condition. They offer an assessment of things that need to be replaced or repaired.

Using this report, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to pay for the repairs. Or, the seller can demand more money from the buyer. They can also arrange for better pricing (either way) or back off from the deal. Inspectors from Gainesville home inspection companies usually cover:

Structural components like stairs, walls, floors, and ceilings

  1. Exterior components like porches, attached decks, etc.
  2. Roof
  3. Heating and air conditioning
  4. Main appliances
  5. Plumbing
  6. Windows and doors

Besides things covered under a routine home inspection, you can opt for more advanced assessments. Some inspection services offered by Home Inspection Group, one of the top home inspection companies in Gainesville, are- foundation inspection, roof inspection, chimney inspection, electrical inspection, lead-based paint inspection, wind mitigation inspection, etc.

But, as a homeowner, the first question that comes to your mind is, “how can I pass home inspection?” So, let’s explore the answer to this question in the following paragraphs.

Tips to Pass a Home Inspection

Yes, the home inspection company does not offer you a “pass” or “fail report. But, if they recommend repairs worth thousands of dollars, it might seem like you have failed. Well, you can take steps to ensure that this does not happen.

True, there are things that you cannot fix overnight. But, you can, of course, set up for a more positive and efficient home inspection experience. You can also increase the inspection pace by preparing your house for the inspection.

Because by preparing the house for the inspection by experts from Gainesville home inspection company, you make it easier for them to do the job. The ability to do their job efficiently will also uplift their moods. And, you, of course, do not want to make things difficult for them and risk a bad report.


So, here is a list of steps that you can follow to prepare your home for the home inspection:

Offer open access to areas needing inspectionIf inspectors from the home inspection in Gainesville FL, cannot inspect a particular place for lack of access, they will leave it blank on the report. The buyers can see this as a red flag. Therefore, make sure to declutter your house before the inspection.

You can make this possible by securing your pets away and removing clutters blocking the entrance to the basement, closet, furnace, etc.

Clear the perimeter– The inspector will look at trims, siding, caulking around windows, etc. Therefore, you should remove plant growth, waste bins, or anything else that can block their access.

Replace dead bulbs– If a lighting fixture is not glowing, there may be issues with the wiring or bulb. So, to remove confusion or a negative report, replace dead bulbs before inspectors examine. Doing this can avoid the “light is inoperable” report from an inspector from the Gainesville home inspection company.

Clean the roofYou might not access the roof much. But, the inspector will. So, before the inspector’s arrival, make sure to clean the roof. As part of roof cleaning, remove the debris and moss from the gutter, and ensure that other things are in place.

Trim tree limbs– Trim down trees surrounding your house to provide at least a 10 feet gap in between. Shrubs around the house can be home to pests and hold moisture. Therefore, you should also cut them down before inspection.

Fix the toilets– Another area that the inspector will check out is your toilet. Therefore, before getting your home inspected by any company offering home inspection in Gainesville FL, you should make it a point to fix the long run after flushing.

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Final words

Getting your home inspected by a leading Gainesville home inspection company is the last hurdle you must overcome before making the sale. But it can be the most challenging step if not appropriately handled.

So, before going ahead, do adhere to the above pointers. Before the D-day, you can also note the faults by getting it inspected by Home Inspection Group, one of the most reputed companies. The experts from the Home Inspection Group can point out the issues that you can then get rectified.

Want to know more? Connect with the best in business for a home inspection in Gainesville FL.

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