Wind Mitigation Inspection Services

Wind Mitigation Inspection Services in Gainesville

Wind Mitigation Inspection Services

Your home can’t protect your family and valuables if it has a weak roof. How can your family remain
safe during storms if your roof is damaged? Do you think you can sleep well knowing that your skylight
is broken?

To ensure the safety of everyone and everything that’s inside your home, invest in our wind mitigation
inspection today. For this service we determine the condition of your shingles, roof decking, and roof
shape and assess if your roof requires repairs or replacement.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection aims to examine the overall condition of your roof and the strategies or
techniques used for its construction. Unlike other types of home inspections , a wind mitigation
inspection focuses on your roof.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Report?

After the wind mitigation inspection, our team will produce a wind mitigation report which will be used
to inform your insurance company about the stability of your home in the event of strong winds.

How Much Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection Cost?

When you look for “wind mitigation inspection near me” and hire professionals for the job, expect
that you’ll have to pay about $100 for the service. Wind mitigation inspection costs usually vary per

Does a Wind Mitigation Inspection Save on Insurance?

Yes, if you have windstorm insurance, you can use our wind mitigation report to obtain discounts from
the insurer.

How to Prepare for a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

If you have an attic, move boxes, appliances, and other obstacles out of the way to provide access
points to our roofing contractors. Attic access is important for our team to determine how your roof
is connected to the walls and if secondary water resistance is present.

Don’t forget to inform our team if your attic access is in an unusual location or is very high. This will
allow us to prepare the necessary equipment for the inspection.

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