Wind Mitigation Inspections: What You Need to Know for The Hurricane Season

The life of a homeowner in the sunshine state of Florida is great. However, having a wind mitigation report in Gainesville is vital to secure your property and ensure your family’s safety. Getting your wind mitigation inspection in Florida can help you hunker down for the hurricane season and allow you to secure an insurance policy for your home, at a massively discounted rate.

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection in Florida?

A wind mitigation inspection aims to reveal the health of your home when it comes to withstanding strong winds. The wind mitigation inspector examines your home’s safety features and makes an educated estimation of whether your house can withstand or will suffer damage when facing a storm with strong winds. 

The main aspects of a home that are evaluated during a home inspection are:

  • Roof or Wall Tiles.
  • Door and Windows.
  • Roof Coverings.
  • Roof Installation.
  • Roof Deck.
  • Garage Doors.
  • General Water Resistance.
  • Age of The Roof.

The inspector will also let you know if you require any modifications to the house’s structure. They can suggest changes like a roof replacement, switching to more durable windows, or upgrading your doors. Only a qualified engineer, architect, general contractor, building, or home inspector can perform a wind mitigation inspection. However, certified home inspectors are typically hired to perform a wind mitigation inspection. 

Why Should You Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection in Florida?

It is a good idea to have a qualified inspector perform a wind mitigation inspection, even if you do not think it is necessary, especially if your location receives heavy rain and strong winds. A professional inspector can examine your home and discover ways that wind or rain could potentially enter your home and wreak havoc. This can be as tiny as a small gap in your window frame or a big gap like improperly sealed vents. If these flaws are not taken care of instantly, it can result in significant property damage. The cost of a wind mitigation inspection is microscopic compared to the potential repair bills.

Besides offering your peace of mind during major storms, another primary reason why you should hire a wind mitigation inspector is for insurance on your home. Major insurance providers all across Florida will provide you discounts on your policy if you have a clean wind mitigation report in Gainesville. You can secure discounted insurance, even if you have a poor inspection report, by upgrading your home as recommended by the inspector. Typically, you can get over a 40% discount on your home insurance premium with a rock-solid wind mitigation report.

How to Get a Good Wind Mitigation Report in Gainesville?

There are specific criteria that your house needs to fulfill in order to get glowing marks on a wind mitigation report.

  • Storm Shutters

Having storm shutters installed can protect your home during the hurricane season. Showing the inspector your storm shutter panels can positively affect your inspection report.

  • Doors and Windows

The doors and windows of your home should be sturdy enough to withstand heavy winds and any potential projectile. This condition is not only limited to your doors and windows but also your garage door and any skylights.

  • Roof

One of the most important aspects of a home is its roof. Your roof’s condition, materials, construction, and shape are going to be closely evaluated by your inspector, and it should be able to withstand any winds and rain without springing any leaks.

  • Structure of Your Home

Your home must be structurally sound and constructed with high-quality materials and should provide shelter even during strong winds and storms.

  • Wall-Roof Attachments

The point where your roof meets the structure of your house can be a critical point of failure. Your attachment points need to be constructed with solid materials in order to be deemed fit during a wind mitigation inspection.

  • Roof Deck

The roof deck that is located under the shingles should be stable and protect your home from any moisture, even if the shingles get blown away during strong winds. This is also known as secondary water resistance. 

  • Age of The Home

The year of construction has a vital role to play here. Homes built before 2002 will need drastic changes in order to stay up to date with the current building standards.

Final Words

Preparing for a wind mitigation inspection in Florida can be a 30–40-minute process if you are prepared. Since the inspector needs to visually assess the condition of the roof and the house, cleaning them before the inspector arrives gives them better access to them. Additionally, you can ensure that all your documents and records (especially the roofing permits and previous inspection reports) are in order. 

Hiring an inspector to conduct a wind mitigation inspection in Gainesville, Florida, can lend you much-needed peace of mind before hurricane season while you save money on your insurance costs. There are no downsides to hiring a wind mitigation inspector for your home.

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