Seven Reasons You Cannot Afford to Miss Wind Mitigation Inspection

After you purchase a home, you have to make several payments. As such, you may have the temptation to save some money by skipping wind mitigation inspection. After all, getting a wind mitigation inspection done can cost you a good deal of money. 

Thus, skipping it might seem to be a good idea when you are already under stress due to many other costs. But, as any knowledgeable person would suggest, it is better not to skip wind mitigation inspection.

If you want to know the reason behind the advice, read on. We will list seven reasons in the following paragraphs that spell out why you shouldn’t avoid an inspection by wind mitigation inspectors.

Reason 1: Offers Peace of Mind

The first advantage of availing of wind mitigation inspection is peace of mind. The wind mitigation inspectors recommend modifications or repairs that you should get done to stay protected from storms.

 So, after getting the modifications or replacements done, you will have peace of mind, especially if your area sees a lot of storms.

Reason 2: Saves You from Legal Hassles

Property damages owing to storms can cost you money and land you in a legal hassle. This is especially true if storm-related property damage injures a guest in your house. You can also find yourself defending a personal injury liability suit if a tenant injures himself in your rental property. 

However, in all such cases, a report from the wind mitigation inspectors can save you by showing that you weren’t negligent. 

Reason 3: Helps You Get a Precise Estimate of Repair costs

The wind mitigation inspectors offer you a detailed checklist of the items you should get repaired or replaced. It is a step-by-step plan from the highest priority areas to the lowest. 

You can use this checklist to get a detailed estimate from the contractors. You can even compare the quotations of different contractors and select one that suits you best.

Reason 4: Keeps Your Insurers Happy

Lawmakers and insurance carriers act against unfair claims that try to take advantage of insurers. For example, the SB76 legislation in Florida allows insurers to restrict payments or drop clients for non-compliance to wind mitigation or other factors. 

You can also save money on insurance premiums by reinforcing your roof as per the suggestions of wind mitigation inspectors. This is because several insurers have started offering discounts to clients who reinforce their property’s roof.

Reason 5: Helps Avoid Expensive Repairs

Over the years, your property might have undergone severe internal structural damages that are invisible to the naked eye. These damages can make your property vulnerable to storms or gale-force winds. 

However, the wind mitigation inspection company experts have the right tools to detect these issues. They can suggest appropriate remedial action to strengthen your property and minimize storm damage. 

By adhering to their suggestions, you can restrict damage and save a good deal of money in the form of repair costs post a storm.

Reason 6: Savings in The Form of Wind Mitigation Credits

Upon passing the inspection successfully, the inspectors from the wind mitigation inspection company can give a good report. You can forward this report to your insurer and get credits in return. You can use these credits to lower your insurance premium.

Reason 7: Negotiate Better During Property Sale or Purchase

You can purchase a new property with peace of mind by having a wind mitigation inspection done. You can also bargain for a lesser price with the property owner.

Conversely, you can negotiate with the buyer for a higher price during a property sale after getting it certified by the inspector.

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Final takeaway

After you purchase a property, there are several costs that you have to take care of. As such, you might have the temptation to seek cost reduction by postponing wind mitigation inspections.

But, postponing inspections might not be a good idea. This is especially true if you live in a storm-prone area. Instead, by availing of wind mitigation inspection, you can realize the above benefits. 

To know more about why wind mitigation is a must or the pocket pinch that you to bear, connect now.

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